Rhea is 3 months old | Kingsport Lifestyle Photographer

One of my VERY favorite sessions from the Baby’s First Year Plan is the 3 month session.  From my own experience, 3 month old babies don’t really do a whole lot.  But they’re DARLING.  They are just starting to smile well and interact with you and have typically put on some weight, making those cheeks just so darn cute.  Moms aren’t usually as overwhelmed as they can be at a newborn session and are starting to get into more of a routine.  But photographing them?  I find doing a formal portrait session to be limiting.  The solution?  A lifestyle session.  These sessions take place in your OWN home when you get to show me what life with your baby is like.  The baby is typically more comfortable and relaxed and we are able to create photos that will be cherished forever.  These are the photos that I look back on from when my kids were little and make me the most nostalgic.  The Baby’s First Year Plan includes 5 photo shoots of the course of a year.  Shouldn’t at least one of them be a lifestyle session?

One of the most memorable things about this particular photoshoot was when Rhea kept looking at her momma and smiling, which is darling in and of itself.  But her DAD kept saying, “Are you looking at your momma?  She’s pretty isn’t she?”  Every new mom deserves to be spoken to that way.  It’s those types of moments that really make me love my job.  2016-04-12_00022016-04-12_00032016-04-12_00042016-04-12_00052016-04-12_00062016-04-12_00072016-04-12_0008

Baby Violet | Kingsport newborn photographer

When this father told me they had named their daughter Violet, I was so excited that I had purple on hand!  I loved being able to make this photo a little more special for them.  These parents have been living in the U.S. for a few years now and were so excited to welcome their sweet daughter into their family.  Her mother and his father were able to fly all the way from China to be with them for the first few months of her life.  Although they didn’t speak English, I loved having them here for her photos.  It was obvious how much they adore this little girl.  2016-01-27_00562016-01-27_00542016-01-27_0055I have to admit that (being a biased mother of five children myself), I’ve always felt badly for Chinese families who have been limited to either bearing only one child or paying massive fees to have more.  But these two spoke very fondly of being only children.  They made the beautiful point that the child has not only it’s parents, but both sets of grandparents completely devoting their lives to raising her.  Isn’t that amazing?  Good luck to you, Fang family!  You have a lot of joy ahead of you!2016-01-27_0053

The Call family | Kingsport family photographer

This amazing family moved to Kingsport not too long after we did….eleven years ago…. I had just one little baby and their oldest was in middle school.  Now two of them are in college and the younger two are right behind them.  It’s crazy how quickly life moves forward.2016-01-27_00272016-01-27_0031What I love most about this family is how obvious it is that everyone loves each other and they know how to have FUN.  They are great friends and were so glad to be back together after the oldest had been serving as a missionary out west for the past 18 months.  2016-01-27_00292016-01-27_0030

Thank you for letting me photograph your girls!


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Emery’s 6 month photos | Kingsport photographer

I remember darling Emery’s newborn session so well!   You can see her newborn photos here.  She has grown up so much these last 6 months and is such an adorable little baby!  Her mom brought some really sweet tutus and some fun UT props.  She was so smiley and so happy!


McVey Family | Kingsport Family Photographer

I had a lot of fun getting to know this darling family. In fact, they reminded me a lot of my own family, which made photographing them a little easier. Even better, the MOTHER used to teach Spanish. I used to teach Spanish. How neat is that?

Can you believe this awesome location is actually their backyard? It’s pretty great, isn’t it? It worked out perfectly because I could photograph the older two kids while we waited for the youngest to wake up. And then we were able to photograph just the kids together while we waited for their dad to get home.

These are just a few of my favorite photos. Aren’t they fun?

Baby Charlotte | Kingsport newborn photographer

Isn’t she PRECIOUS! She was teeny tiny, but had the LONGEST eyelashes! And her sister….This is one of my favorite sibling photos!

Baby Max | Kingsport newborn photographer

A week or two before this little guy was born, his mom told me that she had made the mistake of looking at Christmas newborn photos on pinterest.  He wasn’t due until the 5th of January, but when she went into labor on the 23rd of December, she was thrilled that she would get her Christmas photos!  They are huge UT fans.  They have a large photo of Neyland Stadium in their basement that covers almost the entire wall.  When I did his sister’s newborn photos, we used an orange tutu and their favorite UT throw.   Almost as soon as they found out they were having a boy, they began working on his room….with the UT football field painted on his wall.  His first Christmas gift was this little Payton Manning doll.  His mobile plays “Rocky Top” (which, of course, was purchased for their first child and has been passed down to all three of their children).  So, naturally, we decided to do his newborn session at their home.  Aren’t they fun?  We had to do the session at their house so we could use their Christmas tree and decor, so the light wasn’t quite the same as my home studio.  While we were at it, we snagged a few photos of the girls. My favorite is the one of them belting rocky top from memory with their dad.

Make sure to check out their dad’s artwork at http://www.tennesseeprints.com   He’s work is one of a kind!