Stephanie’s Maternity Photos | Kingsport maternity photographer

Stephanie’s due date was two days ago and I feel so bad.  Going over due is one of the worst feelings ever.  I remember with my last one wondering if I was EVER going to have this baby and questioning whether or not I was even pregnant.  Ridiculous, I know.  But I did also have a friend who was due AFTER me have her baby 10 days BEFORE me.  Which I’m okay with now.  So…here are Stephanie’s maternity photos.  And I love them. We were excited because it had started to warm up, but then we hit a cold front and it was FREEZING.  But you can’t tell.  They are going to be such great parents and I can’t wait to meet little Hailey soon!2017-05-02_00072017-05-02_00062017-05-02_00052017-05-02_00042017-05-02_00032017-05-02_00022017-05-02_0001

Baby #3 | Kingsport maternity photographer

I was so excited when this sweet mom emailed to let me know she was expecting again!  I had done the baby’s first year plan with her now two-year-old and was genuinely happy for her to hear she was having another.   We picked the very last day of December for our photo shoot.  It was cold.  In fact, if you look closely on some of the photos, you can see SNOW falling.  She used my maternity gown from Sew Trendy Accessories.  I have two of them now available for my clients and they are just stunning.  I can’t wait for her little boy to get here in March!  2017-02-17_00092017-02-17_00022017-02-17_00032017-02-17_00042017-02-17_00052017-02-17_00062017-02-17_00072017-02-17_0008

Baby Hadley | Kingsport newborn photographer

Sweet baby Hadley entered the world just a few days after Christmas.  She was much anticipated and has already brought so much joy to her family!  Congratulations, you guys!2017-02-15_00012017-02-15_00032017-02-15_00042017-02-15_00052017-02-15_0006

The Reid Family | Kingsport maternity photographer

Most of my clients are either friends or referrals from other clients. Just over a year ago, I got a call to do a newborn session for someone that had just moved here and didn’t know anybody that I know. After being a little nosy, I found out that her dermatologist had recommended me to her (along with several other photographers). Several months later, I struck up a conversation with another mom at the Kingsport Public Library storytime. After speaking for a little while, she told me she’s a dermatologist. Not just any dermatologist, but THE dermatologist. I had photographed the baby of one of her friends and she liked my work. We became friends and are even in a book club together now. So fun. Her little baby is due in THREE days and they’re not finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. Personally, I can’t handle surprises, so I admire anyone who can stand the suspense! This maternity session ended up being more of a family session, but there are some really sweet ones in here!

2015-08-25_0031 2015-08-25_0030 2015-08-25_0029 2015-08-25_0028 2015-08-25_00272015-08-25_0035 2015-08-25_0034 2015-08-25_0033

Falyn | Kingsport maternity photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times: I really love meeting new people. I met Falyn and her cute family for the first time the day of our photo session. I had no idea what she looked like. I immediately noticed her awesome sense of style. She looked amazing in her simple jeans paired with a lace top. Seriously. I was almost giddy. And THEN I noticed her stunning eyes and freckles. How often do you get such clear and light colored eyes paired with dark hair? Not often, I tell you! And THEN I realized that her little boy has the same beautiful eyes….which means there is high likelihood of her daughter having those amazing eyes! Welcome to the Denim and Lace Baby Plan, Falyn! I am honestly excited to spend the next year with you!

Ava’s 18 month session | Kingsport child photographer

This summer I traveled to Utah to visit my family. My brother came up from New Mexico and my sister came down from Oregon. It was the first time we had all been together for 7 years! Crazy, isn’t it? Early one morning, we decided to photograph my 18-month-old niece. My sister had her outfit all planned out and it was just ADORABLE. Ms. Ava, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy about it. Mostly because all the cousins were playing and we had to pass them on the way to the backyard. She gave us a few grumpy, yet charming, faces before we decided to go ahead and let her play for a minute. After that, she was much happier! I miss her already….

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