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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I used to teach Spanish at University School in Johnson City. One of the first weddings I photographed was for a former student of mine. You can see her photos here. When Leigh Ann and I first met, she told me that Marie AND Jessica (another former student) were going to be her bridesmaids! So fun. Leigh Ann was actually a student at University School, too. But she took French. I remember her bridesmaids talking about her a lot, actually. They would always start their sentences with, “Leigh Ann, she takes french, said…” As it turns out, her mom works there, too. So this wedding was extra fun for me as I already knew a lot of the people. When we met, Leigh Ann told me that they really wanted more candid shots than posed shots. I like to think I delivered on that.
The wedding day started out a little stressfully. It seemed as if a LOT was going wrong. We were planning to do groomsmen photos first, but the tuxedo company FORGOT to put PANTS in the bestman’s bag. You can see him on the phone with them here trying to get that all figured out. Personally, I thought it was rather humorous and made for a very memorable wedding moment.
Leigh Ann’s dress was absolutely stunning. It fit her perfectly and was so beautiful. It was really hard to button up, though, and her mom brought crochet hooks to make sure she could get it on quickly.
2015-10-01_0005 2015-10-01_0006
They chose to not see each other before the wedding. Instead, they spoke to each other briefly before the ceremony. It was pure agony for Mike and it took some convincing to get him away from her. Then her dad came up the stairs and got to see her for the first time, too. Amazing!
2015-10-01_0010 2015-10-01_0011
Leigh Ann’s uncle drove her to the end of the aisle. Just as she got in the car, there were several LOUD claps of thunder. Thankfully, it all ended quickly and everything was able to continue as planned. I LOVE the expressions on the groom’s face when he saw her. He was totally in awe.
2015-10-01_0013 2015-10-01_0014 2015-10-01_0015 2015-10-01_0016 2015-10-01_0017 2015-10-01_0018 2015-10-01_0019 2015-10-01_0021 2015-10-01_0022 2015-10-01_0023 2015-10-01_0024 2015-10-01_0025 2015-10-01_0026 2015-10-01_0027 2015-10-01_0028 2015-10-01_0029 2015-10-01_0030
The toasts were some of the most thoughtful I have ever heard. Leigh Ann had already been so emotional throughout the whole day, but I think everyone was touched by what her loved ones had to say about them.
2015-10-01_0032 2015-10-01_0033 2015-10-01_0034 2015-10-01_0035
2015-10-01_0037 2015-10-01_0038 2015-10-01_0039
2015-10-01_0041 2015-10-01_0042 2015-10-01_0043
They threw an amazing party and everyone had so much fun. It was so obvious to me how much they adore each other. So here is to wishing them a long and happy life together!
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