Lily’s 3 month session | Kingsport lifestyle photographer

Lily is such a bright-eyed little beauty.  She was having a rough morning when I got there and her mom called in her little sister to help out.  There is seriously nothing better than aunts who adore their nieces and nephews.  We got the best smiles out of her when her aunt was helping out.

Having a baby who cries a lot is so incredibly difficult, but these two handled it like pros. They let me know that she really just likes being held in close to her parents.  And when it gets really hard, they just whip out some Ed Sheeran and she usually calms right down.

I loved all of the quotes they had throughout their home.  Lily’s grandmother is really superstitious and wouldn’t let them hang anything in her room before she was born, which I find fascinating.  They were planning to put a bunch of stuff up after she was born, but she so far hasn’t let them do much.  I loved the happy yellow walls and the cheery bedding!  2017-06-09_00052017-06-09_00112017-06-09_00102017-06-09_00092017-06-09_00082017-06-09_00072017-06-09_00062017-06-09_00052017-06-09_00032017-06-09_00022017-06-09_0001

Stephanie’s Maternity Photos | Kingsport maternity photographer

Stephanie’s due date was two days ago and I feel so bad.  Going over due is one of the worst feelings ever.  I remember with my last one wondering if I was EVER going to have this baby and questioning whether or not I was even pregnant.  Ridiculous, I know.  But I did also have a friend who was due AFTER me have her baby 10 days BEFORE me.  Which I’m okay with now.  So…here are Stephanie’s maternity photos.  And I love them. We were excited because it had started to warm up, but then we hit a cold front and it was FREEZING.  But you can’t tell.  They are going to be such great parents and I can’t wait to meet little Hailey soon!2017-05-02_00072017-05-02_00062017-05-02_00052017-05-02_00042017-05-02_00032017-05-02_00022017-05-02_0001

Baby #3 | Kingsport maternity photographer

I was so excited when this sweet mom emailed to let me know she was expecting again!  I had done the baby’s first year plan with her now two-year-old and was genuinely happy for her to hear she was having another.   We picked the very last day of December for our photo shoot.  It was cold.  In fact, if you look closely on some of the photos, you can see SNOW falling.  She used my maternity gown from Sew Trendy Accessories.  I have two of them now available for my clients and they are just stunning.  I can’t wait for her little boy to get here in March!  2017-02-17_00092017-02-17_00022017-02-17_00032017-02-17_00042017-02-17_00052017-02-17_00062017-02-17_00072017-02-17_0008

Jaelyn’s 9 months old! | Kingsport baby photographer

You may remember this baby’s parents’ wedding.  It was disney themed and each table had an awesome centerpiece on it.  Fast forward nearly two years and we get to see these centerpieces again!  Her mom added a few new things and I think the turned out so darling!  Check out their wedding here.2017-02-15_0008Do you see that darling glass slipper on the photo above?  That’s the slipper her daddy gave her mommy when he asked her to marry him.  Do you see all of these amazing tulle dresses?  Her mom MADE them!2017-02-15_00092017-02-15_00102017-02-15_00112017-02-15_00122017-02-15_00132017-02-15_0007

Baby Hadley | Kingsport newborn photographer

Sweet baby Hadley entered the world just a few days after Christmas.  She was much anticipated and has already brought so much joy to her family!  Congratulations, you guys!2017-02-15_00012017-02-15_00032017-02-15_00042017-02-15_00052017-02-15_0006

Mark and Katie | Allandale mansion wedding

Mark and Katie had such an amazing wedding at Kingsport’s Allandale Mansion in October.  They are both political science professors in Texas, but returned to Katie’s hometown for their wedding ceremony.  Guests came from all over the country to celebrate them.  When I asked Katie’s mom what she liked most about Mark, she told me that he adores Katie.  And that is sooooo true.  I didn’t get a chance to meet him until their wedding day, but as a photographer, I feel like I get a “behind the scenes” look at their relationship.  I love being able to capture those sweet glances at her and the joy that she obviously brings him. Take a look at these photos and see for yourself!  Mark and Katie chose to see each other before the ceremony began.  2017-02-13_00152017-02-13_00012017-02-13_0025

These bridesmaids were a hoot!  Katie has wonderful friends.  Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers did an AMAZING job on the bouquets!2017-02-13_00022017-01-26_0002Mark wears bow ties to work all the time and insisted that his groomsmen wear them to the wedding.  They looked great, but took a while to figure out…2017-02-13_00032017-02-13_0004The toasts were so sweet!  Katie even teared up a little.  These guys have been friends for a very long time.  2017-02-13_0005Katie’s dad was with her the first time I met her.  She was in town celebrating his birthday and brought him along to discuss wedding photography.  He was obviously so proud of her.2017-02-13_00062017-02-13_00072017-02-13_0008Isn’t this ring stunning?!?  Mark did an incredible job picking it out.  Katie loves to read and had books as part of the centerpieces.  2017-02-13_00092017-02-13_00102017-02-13_00112017-02-13_00122017-02-13_00132017-02-13_00142017-02-13_00162017-02-13_00182017-02-13_00192017-02-13_00202017-02-13_00212017-02-13_00222017-02-13_00242017-02-13_00262017-02-13_00272017-02-13_00282017-02-13_00292017-02-13_00302017-02-13_00312017-02-13_00322017-02-13_00332017-02-13_00342017-02-13_00352017-02-13_00362017-02-13_00372017-02-13_00382017-02-13_00392017-02-13_00402017-02-13_00412017-02-13_00422017-02-13_00432017-02-13_00452017-02-13_0046Congratulations you two!  Here’s to many long years together!

Taylor and Savannah | Kingsport Wedding Photographer

Taylor and Savannah met while going to school in Idaho.  Someone was looking for a math tutor and another someone was eager and willing to help. I got to hear ALL about it at the wedding reception when Savannah’s uncle gave a really sweet little speech.  Because Taylor is from Utah, they were married then and then had a reception at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough.   They told me that they spent FOUR hours doing wedding photography in Utah, so I kept our little portrait session short and sweet.  We were done in about 5 minutes with them and about 15 minutes for the extended family.  The party was hopping and everything went beautifully!  Here’s to many happy years together!  2016-12-15_00022016-12-15_00032016-12-15_00042016-12-15_00052016-12-15_00062016-12-15_00072016-12-15_00082016-12-15_0009