Sadie turns one! | Kingsport baby photographer

Sadie actually did not just turn one.  She’s going to be three soon and now has a little brother.  But I got REALLY behind on blogging a while ago and decided to go alphabetically.  Sadly for Sadie, she’s at the end of the alphabet and I never got around to sharing these!  They are still some of my absolute favorite one year old photos.  She is so sweet and has these darling little nose crinkles when she smiles.  She LOVED her cake and her mom designed the sweetest little pink and gold back drop for her.  Happy birthday, little one!  2017-02-20_00022017-02-20_00032017-02-20_00042017-02-20_00052017-02-20_00062017-02-20_00072017-02-20_00082017-02-20_00092017-02-20_00102017-02-20_00112017-02-20_0012

Baby Nolan | Kingsport newborn photographer

There is nothing more flattering than when a family returns to you for their photos.  It makes my day!  I photographed this darling big sister as a newborn and it was such a privilege to photograph her brother.  Isn’t he darling?  They brought some props that were meaningful to them:  Dad’s childhood truck, a milk pail, a set of antlers, and a vintage baseball.  And because dad used to coach basketball at King College, we of course had to try a basketball shot.  Not gonna lie.  It was a challenge.  But I think it turned out great!  I’m getting super excited about my own little boy making his entrance into the world soon.  2016-05-16_00012016-05-16_00022016-05-16_00032016-05-16_00052016-05-16_00062016-05-16_00072016-05-16_00082016-05-16_00092016-05-16_0010

Emmaline’s 9 month photos | Kingsport child photographer

Sweet Emmaline was sick just before these photos.  But she was so sweet and so smiley for me!  Nine month olds are quickly becoming one of my favorite ages to photograph.  They’re SOOO darling.  Emmaline has rested on her mom’s shoulder like this in EVERY session of hers I’ve photographed.  Goodness she’s cute.  2016-01-27_00462016-01-27_0045

The Wolters Family | Kingsport family photographer

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these little babies grow up.  I’m currently expecting my FIFTH baby.  Having so many children really allows me the experience to appreciate that first year and how it can be gone in the blink of an eye.  It doesn’t seem quite fair to me that these little ones are so darling during one of the most sleep deprived and haze-inducing years of your life.  But yet, it is so WONDERFUL.  Motherhood can be hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t love it.  Nothing is sweeter than photographing these first time parents and their baby during this first year.  They are so proud of their baby and how much they have grown.  And the Wolters family is no exception.  It can be so hard moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone and then having a baby.  But these guys always pull out their A game for photos.  You can see Emery’s newborn photos here and her six month photos here.  2016-01-27_0038

Sweet Emery was NOT a fan of cake, so we decided to smash a watermelon instead.  Which she loved.  2016-01-27_00422016-01-27_00402016-01-27_0041It is so obvious how much this little girl just loves life.  She has so many happy years ahead of her and will bring so much joy to her parents!

The Merrill family | Kingsport child photographer

If you have been following my blog at all, you know that I have been working with Dr. Merrill of Archway Chiropractic. He specializes in Pregnancy and Child Chiropractic. For a very long time, his walls have been empty as he starts up his practice. They are empty no more! We took his girls out for a fun photo shoot with all of their favorite costumes! They had so much fun and I think these photos are just adorable! They are so neat displayed in his waiting room. If you need a chiropractor, check him out. This is his website and you can find him on facebook.



Project 52 – Ordinary Everyday | Kingsport lifestyle photographer

Last December I made the decision to join a project 52.  What does that mean?  It means that I have been taking a photo of my family doing “ordinary everyday” things once a week for the last five and a half months.  Local photographer Carey Pace spearheaded the project and gives us a weekly theme.  I won’t lie, it’s been difficult.  Keeping up with a personal project while dealing with life in general isn’t easy.  But it has been so worth it. I have hesitated to share them here because not all of them are portfolio worthy, but I do believe it is worthwhile to show you what I’ve been working on.  The whole project has been good for me, actually.  There have been so many times that I’ve NOT taken a photo of my kids because the light wasn’t right, or because my house wasn’t clean enough, or my kids’ clothes were dirty or didn’t match, or they weren’t wearing any (I chose to not include those ones online).  I’ve been much more conscious of the necessity to just photograph them anyway.  Sometimes I get so caught up in daily life that I forget that there is beauty in the everyday.  If there is anything I’ve learned during the ten and a half years I’ve been a parent, it is that everything goes by so quickly.  I know it is cliche and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but I’ll say it anyway:  Although the days are long, the years are short. That simple statement makes me treasure these photos (even the imperfect ones).  If you move your mouse over each photo, it should tell you what the theme was.

Emery’s 6 month photos | Kingsport photographer

I remember darling Emery’s newborn session so well!   You can see her newborn photos here.  She has grown up so much these last 6 months and is such an adorable little baby!  Her mom brought some really sweet tutus and some fun UT props.  She was so smiley and so happy!