Ensminger Cousins | Kingsport family photographer

This family!  They make extended family photographs so easy.  I photographed them a few years ago just before Christmas.  This year, they would all be together again after traveling from Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Kentucky (one of the “L” cities. I don’t remember which one).  It was a short weekend visit, but we were able to put together a quick photo session. And guess what?  They’ll have two MORE babies joining them this year!  So exciting! 2016-05-16_00122016-05-16_00132016-05-16_00142016-05-16_00152016-05-16_00162016-05-16_00172016-05-16_0018


Hixson family | Kingsport extended family photographer

Every now and then there is a really special ocassion that needs to be documented with professional photographs. Even though every single one of these parents’ children live out of state, they were all able to come in for just one weekend for their dad’s retirement party. Because the days were so packed, the ONLY time we could do these was at noon. The absolute worst time of day to photograph people. And there were no clouds.  But it couldn’t be helped! Thankfully, there was a sliver of good light on the porch and we were able to make it work. It was so fun to see them all together and how much they enjoyed each other’s company!

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Baby Nora | Kingsport Newborn Photographer

One of my photographer friends has decided that she no longer wants to do newborn photography.  So she’s referring her clients to me 🙂  This is one of her dear friends…who also happens to know some of MY dear friends.  Small world.  This is baby number four for her, and her mother in law was VERY excited about it.  So excited, in fact, that she paid for her session…and a mini session for the whole family for a Christmas card.  Isn’t that amazing?  While we were talking about when to do the photo session for the family, we realized that her mother-in-law would be in town for a few days and we could photograph the family then.  Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold outside that day.  But we did it anyway and did it VERY quickly.  Grandpa was nice enough to let the twins borrow his jacket for a little while.  They thought it was pretty fun 🙂

The Ensminger Family | Kingsport family photographer

Last year, one of my friends gifted her sister-in-law a Denim and Lace Photography gift certificate for a newborn session.  It was awesome.  She lives in Knoxville, but drove up for her photos.  And it was amazing.  Her little baby was just darling and it was so fun to meet her and her other two daughters.  This year, that same sister-in-law decided to do an extended family portrait session AND gift my friend a newborn session! (Which I’ll post about soon, because he was born just two days after we did this session here).

We were especially concerned about the weather because it was LATE December and all but one family was coming from out of town (one family even came from Kentucky).  We had ONE day and ONE time that would work.  And, thankfully, it did.  We knocked this session out in about an hour.

Ezell Family | Kingsport Family Photographer

This family was nominated for a photo session through the Olivia Act. Olivia is one of the children who was killed at Sandy Hook. Her family had a photo session just days before her death. The photographer was so touched by the importance of the images she created for the family, that she created the Olivia Act: an opportunity for photographers to give back.

I have to say, photographing older children is much easier than the younger ones. They did what I asked them to, they thought all my jokes were funny, and they didn’t run away! We had so much fun and I was so happy to meet them!