Ensminger Cousins | Kingsport family photographer

This family!  They make extended family photographs so easy.  I photographed them a few years ago just before Christmas.  This year, they would all be together again after traveling from Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Kentucky (one of the “L” cities. I don’t remember which one).  It was a short weekend visit, but we were able to put together a quick photo session. And guess what?  They’ll have two MORE babies joining them this year!  So exciting! 2016-05-16_00122016-05-16_00132016-05-16_00142016-05-16_00152016-05-16_00162016-05-16_00172016-05-16_0018

Baby Nolan | Kingsport newborn photographer

There is nothing more flattering than when a family returns to you for their photos.  It makes my day!  I photographed this darling big sister as a newborn and it was such a privilege to photograph her brother.  Isn’t he darling?  They brought some props that were meaningful to them:  Dad’s childhood truck, a milk pail, a set of antlers, and a vintage baseball.  And because dad used to coach basketball at King College, we of course had to try a basketball shot.  Not gonna lie.  It was a challenge.  But I think it turned out great!  I’m getting super excited about my own little boy making his entrance into the world soon.  2016-05-16_00012016-05-16_00022016-05-16_00032016-05-16_00052016-05-16_00062016-05-16_00072016-05-16_00082016-05-16_00092016-05-16_0010

Rhea is 3 months old | Kingsport Lifestyle Photographer

One of my VERY favorite sessions from the Baby’s First Year Plan is the 3 month session.  From my own experience, 3 month old babies don’t really do a whole lot.  But they’re DARLING.  They are just starting to smile well and interact with you and have typically put on some weight, making those cheeks just so darn cute.  Moms aren’t usually as overwhelmed as they can be at a newborn session and are starting to get into more of a routine.  But photographing them?  I find doing a formal portrait session to be limiting.  The solution?  A lifestyle session.  These sessions take place in your OWN home when you get to show me what life with your baby is like.  The baby is typically more comfortable and relaxed and we are able to create photos that will be cherished forever.  These are the photos that I look back on from when my kids were little and make me the most nostalgic.  The Baby’s First Year Plan includes 5 photo shoots of the course of a year.  Shouldn’t at least one of them be a lifestyle session?

One of the most memorable things about this particular photoshoot was when Rhea kept looking at her momma and smiling, which is darling in and of itself.  But her DAD kept saying, “Are you looking at your momma?  She’s pretty isn’t she?”  Every new mom deserves to be spoken to that way.  It’s those types of moments that really make me love my job.  2016-04-12_00022016-04-12_00032016-04-12_00042016-04-12_00052016-04-12_00062016-04-12_00072016-04-12_0008

Crawford family | Kingsport family photographer

This family might be one of my biggest weaknesses.  These girls have the most genuine smiles and their mom knows just what to say and just what to do to get them.  This was a fall MINI session.  It ended up being not so mini.  Oops.  I have no self-control when it comes to these guys.  See the featured image up there?  It’s one of my favorite all time photos and I’m not sure it can ever be duplicated.  So without further ado, feast your eyes on these darling photos.  2016-02-11_00182016-02-11_00232016-02-11_00162016-02-11_00172016-02-11_00192016-02-11_00202016-02-11_0022

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Emmaline’s 9 month photos | Kingsport child photographer

Sweet Emmaline was sick just before these photos.  But she was so sweet and so smiley for me!  Nine month olds are quickly becoming one of my favorite ages to photograph.  They’re SOOO darling.  Emmaline has rested on her mom’s shoulder like this in EVERY session of hers I’ve photographed.  Goodness she’s cute.  2016-01-27_00462016-01-27_0045

The Call family | Kingsport family photographer

This amazing family moved to Kingsport not too long after we did….eleven years ago…. I had just one little baby and their oldest was in middle school.  Now two of them are in college and the younger two are right behind them.  It’s crazy how quickly life moves forward.2016-01-27_00272016-01-27_0031What I love most about this family is how obvious it is that everyone loves each other and they know how to have FUN.  They are great friends and were so glad to be back together after the oldest had been serving as a missionary out west for the past 18 months.  2016-01-27_00292016-01-27_0030

Thank you for letting me photograph your girls!


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Terry wedding {St. Lukes United Methodist Church} | Kingsport wedding photographer

Amy first contacted me in July, just a few months before her wedding, to see if I was available for her very small wedding in October.  Thankfully, I did have the day available!  After asking for a little more information about her wedding, she told me that she and her fiancee really would have been happy to elope, but decided that they wanted to give their families a happy reason to get together.  On their wedding day, Ryan looked at me and said, “We want today to be as RELAXED as possible.”  Which was amazing to hear from a photographer’s standpoint.  The plan for the evening was to get married, spend time with family, and take a few photos.  In order to keep the relaxed atmosphere, they chose to have a “barbecue and University of Tennessee” theme.  It fit their personalities perfectly.  The bride’s Aunt made these darling cookies.


Amy and Ryan are both traveling nurses (which is how they met). They are busy with their lives right now and are currently living out of state, but really wanted to be married at this particular church. It is the church where two of her brothers were married and is near and dear to the hearts of her family members.

couples photography

The bride’s grandmother gave her a special handkerchief to wrap her bouquet in and also brought flowers from her garden. It was such a perfect touch. I loved the simplicity of the details at this wedding.

rings on bible verse

Amy made such a beautiful bride. I loved seeing the relationship she has with her family and it was obvious to me why they wanted a small wedding.


The ceremony was officiated by the groom’s longtime friend who came all the way from Knoxville to marry them. She voluntarily wore her UT scarf to coordinate with the theme. Amy and Ryan clearly love each other so much. It was obvious by the look on his face when he saw his stunning bride for the first time. One of my favorite photos from the whole day was when the bride’s twin brother was saying SOMETHING to Ryan just before she walked down the aisle, and then glancing over at him a few minutes later.



After the ceremony, we proceeded to the basement, where everyone was able to enjoy each other’s company in an extremely relaxed environment. The toasts were given by the bride’s twin brother and the woman who has been her best friend since they were 5.

2015-11-23_00062015-11-23_00052015-11-23_0007University of Tennessee scarf worn by officiant, University of Tennessee cake topper 2015-11-23_00042015-11-04_0003

Because the wedding was so small, we decided to do couples portraits after the reception, which worked out amazingly well. They didn’t miss out on their party and we were able to take advantage of the amazing golden hour light.
2015-11-23_00092015-11-23_00082015-11-23_00102015-11-23_00202015-11-23_0011batman makes his appearance batman makes his appearance[/caption]2015-11-23_0021


Thank you, Amy and Ryan, for letting me be a part of your day! Here’s to many years together, you two!
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