Rhea is 3 months old | Kingsport Lifestyle Photographer

One of my VERY favorite sessions from the Baby’s First Year Plan is the 3 month session.  From my own experience, 3 month old babies don’t really do a whole lot.  But they’re DARLING.  They are just starting to smile well and interact with you and have typically put on some weight, making those cheeks just so darn cute.  Moms aren’t usually as overwhelmed as they can be at a newborn session and are starting to get into more of a routine.  But photographing them?  I find doing a formal portrait session to be limiting.  The solution?  A lifestyle session.  These sessions take place in your OWN home when you get to show me what life with your baby is like.  The baby is typically more comfortable and relaxed and we are able to create photos that will be cherished forever.  These are the photos that I look back on from when my kids were little and make me the most nostalgic.  The Baby’s First Year Plan includes 5 photo shoots of the course of a year.  Shouldn’t at least one of them be a lifestyle session?

One of the most memorable things about this particular photoshoot was when Rhea kept looking at her momma and smiling, which is darling in and of itself.  But her DAD kept saying, “Are you looking at your momma?  She’s pretty isn’t she?”  Every new mom deserves to be spoken to that way.  It’s those types of moments that really make me love my job.  2016-04-12_00022016-04-12_00032016-04-12_00042016-04-12_00052016-04-12_00062016-04-12_00072016-04-12_0008

Emmaline’s 3 month photos | Kingsport photographer

Three month old photography sessions are some of my very favorites! Because the babies at this age aren’t really doing a whole lot, other than smiling, I prefer to do a lifestyle session at their home. A lifestyle photography session is when I just kind of hang out with you during the day and capture some of your favorite things to do together as a family. It is so fun to go into someone’s home and see how they interact with each other in the environment they are most comfortable in. This family has such a pretty home and some really fun photos on their walls (including some of mine, which is always really neat to see). Their four year old is such a ham and totally adores his sister! Emmaline is a baby plan baby. You can see her newborn photos here and here mom’s maternity photos here.
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