Frequent Questions


Q:  Where are you located?  Do you travel?

I am located in Kingsport, Tennessee.  I prefer to create your images in Kingsport as I am very familiar with the area and how to use the light to create the most beautiful images I can for you.  That being said, I love a challenge and will photograph in the tri-cities with no additional travel fees.  Additional fees do apply outside the tri-cities (including weddings in the Washington D.C. area).

Q:  You look familiar.  Have I seen you before?

Maybe!  I have a Master’s degree in Hispanic Linguistics and taught for a few years at University School in Johnson City.  I also taught a couple sections of introduction to education at ETSU.  My husband is a teacher at John Sevier Middle School, so perhaps you’ve seen me there.  Maybe we’ve seen each other at one of the local parks (I have four kids, so we’re there quite a bit).  I lOVE photographing people I know!

Q:  Do you specialize?  Is there anything you don’t photograph?

   Newborns are my favorite!  I photograph them more than anything else and have the most extensive training in this area.  Extended families are my second favorite, but I don’t get to do those too often unless I’m photographing a wedding (and then I get to have a LOT of fun with your family!).  Nevertheless, I REALLY enjoy photography so I’ll shoot just about anything, with just a few exceptions.  I do not photograph nude people (older than 2 weeks, that is). I also don’t do high fashion photography and I don’t do birth photography. If you’d like recommendations for a local photographer who does specialize in one of those three areas, I’m happy to send you their way!

Q:  What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

I sort of mentioned that above (newborns), but my MOST favorite thing to photograph is RELATIONSHIPS.  I love photographing new parents with their baby.  I love capturing siblings laughing and smiling together, and I absolutely adore getting that perfect impish grin from your toddler. Are you getting married and want nothing more than to show how much fun you have together? I’m you’re gal. No one in the Tri-Cities does that better than me.

Q:  Do you edit your photos?

Yes I do!  Each image is edited by hand, one at a time, without “mass-producing” your final product.  Some images are selected for more intensive editing or conversion to black and white.  When I choose to convert an image to black and white, you will also receive the color version of that image.  In rare instances, the light and/or colors in a room will prevent an image from being available in color (You know those purple lights that you wanted so badly for your wedding?  Sometimes they reflect on your skin and in a color photo you will be purple, too.  Trust me when I say that you don’t want to see the color version).

Q:  I’ve noticed that you don’t have any accolades on your page.  Does that mean you are not a good photographer?

  I do not have any accolades on my page because winning contests and being published in magazines is not important to me.  Therefore, I don’t enter contests and I don’t submit images for publication.  I am much more concerned with creating images that my clients are proud to display in their homes and show to their friends.  Maybe one day, when all of my kids are in school, I might take the time to intentionally create competition images and submit them.  However, I am quite certain that I’ve got some fabulous images that would make great competition images if I chose to enter them!

Q:  Can we purchase a USB of images without ordering prints / products?  

Yes. Digital files are available in all packages and a la carte.   Prints and products are ordered through a highly respected professional lab and are guaranteed.  Ordering products ensures that you receive some prints to enjoy on your walls and that the disc doesn’t end up lost, scratched, or in other ways unavailable to you.  It very much protects the investment you are making in professional photography.

Q:  I see many photographers who charge less than you do.  Will you match their price?  If not, do you ever offer discounts?

   Thank you for asking this question.  I do not offer discounts at this time.  I find nothing more aggravating than purchasing an item, only to find the exact same item for less the next week.  When you book a session with me, you can rest assured that you are getting the same price that everyone else is getting.

Will I price match other photographers?  No.  I used to charge less, too.  While I am proud of what I was able to do with my rebel camera, it is obvious to me that I have learned and grown extensively since I charged $50 for a session.  Charging more does mean that I have fewer clients, but it also means that I am better able to serve the clients that I do have and provide top notch customer service. Because I love my clients so much, I do offer a 20% discount on packages for returning clients.

Q:  Can we see the outtakes and all the images that didn’t make the “final cut?”

  The only images that I trash are the ones where eyes are closed, my flash didn’t fire, or someone walked in front of me. If there are photos of you and your family laughing together as well as everyone looking at the camera, both of those will be included in your gallery.  You can then decide if you would like to purchase them or not.  Please know that when I am culling through your images, I am not trying to hit a set number of images and trashing “good ones.”  Images not selected are not archived and therefore not available.


Q:  Do you have insurance?

Sure do!  If you give me enough notice, I can even provide a copy of it to the venue at which we will be doing your photography session.

Q: How long have you been in business?

I began photographing professionally in 2012 and I remember EVERY session I’ve photographed.

Q:  Can you hold a date for me?

 Unfortunately, the answer is no.  I have very limited availability and take very few clients.  To be fair to everyone, I take clients on a first come first serve basis.  Once your retainer is paid and you have completed the session agreement form, we’re good to go!

Q: How early should I contact you?

 Because I take clients on a first come first serve basis, you should really contact me as soon as possible.  This is especially true for newborns and whenever you have a specific date in mind.



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