About Me


I treat my clients like friends.

I think everyone is beautiful.

I avoid awkward posing because, really, you look most amazing when you are with the people you love.

You can expect authentically expressive and genuine photography with me.

Relationships are what I strive to capture in my photography.


My name is Jennie and not Jennifer.  And with an “ie” and not a “y.”  In fact, I love that little fact about myself so much that I passed on the “ie” to two of my daughters (Averie, and Paige Mellenie.  My maiden name was Mellen, so we were trying to be sentimental when we named her).

My favorite color is all of them.

My favorite food is anything I don’t have to prepare myself.

I have a bad habit of buying expensive makeup and then not wearing it.

I am married to the most romantic man in the world because he does dishes for me every night and always lets me sleep in whenever he gets a chance (even though he’s the one with a full time job and is working on his PhD in his “spare” time).

I spend an inordinate amount of my day hunting for matching socks and prying suckers off the van floor.  My car is often a disaster and I never brush my hair before dropping my kids off at school (It’s a lot of work to get 4 kids to school on time with a baby in tow!)

I believe people are more important than things.

I have logged countless hours reading “Pinkalicious,”  “Harry Potter,”  and “The Cat in the Hat.”

I love playing UNO, Monopoly and Sorry with my kids and sometimes they win even when I don’t let them.

My kids used to like to go to the pound for fun “just to look.”  Then one day we brought a dog home with us.

I like to boss my kids around and make them practice the piano and clean their rooms everyday after their homework is done.

My life can be a little chaotic.  And then, somehow, through the chaos, I am able to pull out my camera and capture magic as I work to preserve every little detail about each stage of their childhood.  I try to find beauty in the ordinary everyday aspects of life, no matter how mundane they may seem!  I am not the “cool and trendy photographer.”  I’m more of the “tired mom who adores her children and knows how much your children mean to you, too” photographer.  Or the “I’ve been married to my sweetheart since 2000 and know which photos from my wedding day evoke the most tender feelings and emotions” photographer.  This is my life.  And it is beautiful.  Yours is, too.  Contact me and we’ll create some magic together!


Jennie (not Jennifer)

*Photo credit:  Jessica Oh Photography.  But I usually wear glasses and have less crazy hair…unless it’s school drop off time.

One Comment on “About Me

  1. Your work is amazing! I always love seeing your photography come up on my feed from my friend’s walls on facebook.

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