Sarah + Andy | Kingsport Wedding Photographer

This was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve been to.  These two knew each other for YEARS before they started dating.  Sarah called him up out of the blue after a really difficult time in her life.  And he stayed by her side as her year became progressively more difficult.  She really just wanted a courthouse wedding, but he really wanted the experience of watching her walk down the aisle.  They compromised on having a small backyard wedding with family and just a few friends.  2017-08-14_0001Sarah went to the salon that morning and then returned to her home for preparations before guests arrived.  She watched Moana, painted her nails, and finished a chili burger from Pals. 2017-08-14_0002

Sarah chose a gorgeously unique dress from modcloth.  It was tea length, which worked out perfectly when it started to rain.  She didn’t have to worry about getting the hem of her dress muddy and her orange wellies looked ridiculously awesome.  Walking on grass in heels is really hard, so she opted for lace Toms for the ceremony.  2017-08-14_00032017-08-14_0004

Andy is a huge University of Tennessee fan, so Sarah requested UT orange roses with some corals to tone it down a bit.  Her bouquet turned out to be so elegant!  2017-08-14_0005

This is Chance.  He was a rescue dog and doesn’t like being photographed. But he took it for the team and got a photo with his “dad” on his wedding day.  2017-08-15_0016

This is Harvey.   He’s much adored.  2017-08-15_00152017-08-15_00142017-08-15_0020

Sarah told me over and over that she wanted me to focus on Andy when she was walking down the aisle because she wanted me to capture his reaction.  She was certain that he would break down and cry.  2017-08-15_0019

He was emotional, but Sarah bawled during the whole ceremony.   Their story is not mine to share, but it was really a long journey to their wedding day.  It’s a wonderful thing to marry your best friend.


The rain poured and the thunder roared during the entire ceremony.  It didn’t let up for a long time.  We made the most of it by being a little creative and using my umbrellas.  Hooray for tea length dresses and wellies!2017-08-15_00082017-08-15_00072017-08-15_00062017-08-15_00032017-08-15_00022017-08-15_0001Their first dance was soooo romantic.  It was on the back porch.  While the rain poured.  Surrounded by their guests.  2017-08-14_00092017-08-14_00082017-08-14_00072017-08-14_00062017-08-15_0021

More to come!

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