Lily’s 3 month session | Kingsport lifestyle photographer

Lily is such a bright-eyed little beauty.  She was having a rough morning when I got there and her mom called in her little sister to help out.  There is seriously nothing better than aunts who adore their nieces and nephews.  We got the best smiles out of her when her aunt was helping out.

Having a baby who cries a lot is so incredibly difficult, but these two handled it like pros. They let me know that she really just likes being held in close to her parents.  And when it gets really hard, they just whip out some Ed Sheeran and she usually calms right down.

I loved all of the quotes they had throughout their home.  Lily’s grandmother is really superstitious and wouldn’t let them hang anything in her room before she was born, which I find fascinating.  They were planning to put a bunch of stuff up after she was born, but she so far hasn’t let them do much.  I loved the happy yellow walls and the cheery bedding!  2017-06-09_00052017-06-09_00112017-06-09_00102017-06-09_00092017-06-09_00082017-06-09_00072017-06-09_00062017-06-09_00052017-06-09_00032017-06-09_00022017-06-09_0001

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