Brooks at home | Kingsport lifestyle photography

When my babies do the first year plan, I always try to get a lifestyle session when they are 3 months old.  They are just barely starting to hold their heads up at this point and are still very tiny infants.  At this age, the family has typically adjusted to life with baby at home and siblings can show off all their favorite things.  In this case, it was helicopters.  2017-05-02_00252017-05-02_00262017-05-02_00272017-05-02_00282017-05-02_00292017-05-02_00302017-05-02_00322017-05-02_00332017-05-02_00342017-05-02_0035

Brooks is six months old! | Kingsport photography

This kid is so DARLING!  He was full of smiles and so easy to photograph.  And I LOVE those sweet eyes!  He is so adored by his family and brings them such joy!2017-05-02_00162017-05-02_00172017-05-02_00182017-05-02_00192017-05-02_00202017-05-02_00212017-05-02_00222017-05-02_00232017-05-02_0024

Welcome Hannah | Kingsport newborn photography

Hannah’s aunt is a photographer and photographer her mom’s wedding and all of her siblings.  And then she moved.  So her mom chose the second best photographer around, which is me 🙂  We just did a mini newborn session, which entails one setup on the beanbag and one prop.  We were done in just under two hours.  She is such a darling little baby and has already brought so much joy to her family.  Her mom had a few different names picked out for her, but they hadn’t chosen one yet.  She was praying one night just a few days before she came and asked Heavenly Father to please tell her what she should name her baby.  And the name that came to her mind instantly was Hannah.  It took a little while for her husband to come around to that name, but eventually he did.  And it suits her perfectly!  2017-05-02_00092017-05-02_00112017-05-02_00122017-05-02_00132017-05-02_0014

Stephanie’s Maternity Photos | Kingsport maternity photographer

Stephanie’s due date was two days ago and I feel so bad.  Going over due is one of the worst feelings ever.  I remember with my last one wondering if I was EVER going to have this baby and questioning whether or not I was even pregnant.  Ridiculous, I know.  But I did also have a friend who was due AFTER me have her baby 10 days BEFORE me.  Which I’m okay with now.  So…here are Stephanie’s maternity photos.  And I love them. We were excited because it had started to warm up, but then we hit a cold front and it was FREEZING.  But you can’t tell.  They are going to be such great parents and I can’t wait to meet little Hailey soon!2017-05-02_00072017-05-02_00062017-05-02_00052017-05-02_00042017-05-02_00032017-05-02_00022017-05-02_0001