Sadie turns one! | Kingsport baby photographer

Sadie actually did not just turn one.  She’s going to be three soon and now has a little brother.  But I got REALLY behind on blogging a while ago and decided to go alphabetically.  Sadly for Sadie, she’s at the end of the alphabet and I never got around to sharing these!  They are still some of my absolute favorite one year old photos.  She is so sweet and has these darling little nose crinkles when she smiles.  She LOVED her cake and her mom designed the sweetest little pink and gold back drop for her.  Happy birthday, little one!  2017-02-20_00022017-02-20_00032017-02-20_00042017-02-20_00052017-02-20_00062017-02-20_00072017-02-20_00082017-02-20_00092017-02-20_00102017-02-20_00112017-02-20_0012

Harvey | Kingsport pet photographer

Meet Harvey!  He’s the newest addition to my friend Sarah’s life.  He is a special little puppy that will bring so much joy to her.  He is going to spend many years surrounded by love and will be adored forever.  He was 9 weeks old when we took these photos.  We were concerned that we wouldn’t get any because he’s kind of spastic, but I love how they turned out!2017-02-17_00202017-02-17_00192017-02-17_00182017-02-17_00172017-02-17_0016

Jameson | Kingsport child photographer

My son just turned twelve.  Well.  Honestly.  He turned twelve a long time ago, but I wasn’t able to photograph him until recently.  He was not amused.  I’ve been really struggling to photograph my own family lately and I finally just grabbed him one morning and told him to head out to the backyard.  He was slightly annoyed because he really wanted to go hang out with his friends, but I was making him do this first.  So I kept it short and got what I wanted.  He’s growing up to be such a handsome young man.  2017-02-17_00142017-02-17_00112017-02-17_00122017-02-17_0013

Baby #3 | Kingsport maternity photographer

I was so excited when this sweet mom emailed to let me know she was expecting again!  I had done the baby’s first year plan with her now two-year-old and was genuinely happy for her to hear she was having another.   We picked the very last day of December for our photo shoot.  It was cold.  In fact, if you look closely on some of the photos, you can see SNOW falling.  She used my maternity gown from Sew Trendy Accessories.  I have two of them now available for my clients and they are just stunning.  I can’t wait for her little boy to get here in March!  2017-02-17_00092017-02-17_00022017-02-17_00032017-02-17_00042017-02-17_00052017-02-17_00062017-02-17_00072017-02-17_0008

The Adler Family | Kingsport family photographer

My friend Jennifer is really busy.  So busy, in fact, that she hasn’t had a family photo in nearly FIVE years!  Crazy!  She finally decided that the session was long over due and we made time for a ten-minute front porch session.  It was perfect.  Her son was such a ham and his personality really shone through.  And he got a popsicle when it was all over, so it was win-win for everyone.  2017-02-16_00022017-02-16_0003

Rhea’s six months old! | Kingsport baby photographer

This sweet little baby turned six months old!  We were so glad her daddy could join us for photos.  They brought her grandmother’s pearls and we laughed and laughed at how much fun she was having with them!  2017-02-15_00212017-02-15_00202017-02-15_00192017-02-15_00182017-02-15_00172017-02-15_0016

Jaelyn’s 9 months old! | Kingsport baby photographer

You may remember this baby’s parents’ wedding.  It was disney themed and each table had an awesome centerpiece on it.  Fast forward nearly two years and we get to see these centerpieces again!  Her mom added a few new things and I think the turned out so darling!  Check out their wedding here.2017-02-15_0008Do you see that darling glass slipper on the photo above?  That’s the slipper her daddy gave her mommy when he asked her to marry him.  Do you see all of these amazing tulle dresses?  Her mom MADE them!2017-02-15_00092017-02-15_00102017-02-15_00112017-02-15_00122017-02-15_00132017-02-15_0007