Katie | Allandale Mansion Bride

Weddings at Allandale mansion are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.   Katie grew up here and went to Dobyns Bennett High School.  She met her fiancee at college in Georgia and is now living in Texas.  There nothing quite like coming home and bringing the love of your life with you.  Because she doesn’t live in Kingsport anymore, we did her bridal photos just a few days before her wedding.  The weather was perfect and she looked so stunningly beautiful!  Isn’t her dress amazing?  She said that she saw it in the store window and knew it was the one.  The ladies at Posh Salon did her hair and makeup and it really complimented her look.  Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers did the bouquet.  She had asked for just a small one, but was told, “I don’t really do small.”  Katie’s mother and her aunt were able to be there with us and it was so great getting to know them a little better before the wedding.  2016-12-14_00012016-12-14_00022016-12-14_00032016-12-14_00042016-12-14_00052016-12-14_00062016-12-14_00072016-12-14_00082016-12-14_00092016-12-14_00112016-12-14_00122016-12-14_0013

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