Mason’s surprise | Kingsport photographer

Guess what?!?  Oh, who am I kidding.  You don’t have to guess.  I’m sure you can tell that Mason is going to be a big brother in December.  He’s going to be the sweetest sibling!  I can’t wait to meet her!2016-10-25_00082016-10-25_0009

The Harbach family | Kingsport family photographer

When Brandy contacted me about a photo session, I was a little surprised when she told me she wanted a session with her three children.  The last time I photographed them there were only two.  Surprise!  They got a bonus baby 🙂  He is darling and the older kids just love him.  Hooray for babies.  2016-10-25_00022016-10-25_00032016-10-25_00042016-10-25_00052016-10-25_0006

Baby Brooks | Kingsport maternity photographer

I was so excited when this mom told me she was having another baby.  Big brother gave her a hard time and I know she often wondered if he would be an only child.  But, no!  He’s getting a brother!  I was an absolute wreck when I was expecting and every move I made caused terrible pain throughout my body.  Because I was just a few weeks postpartum when I photographed this mama, I was particularly sensitive to how she must be feeling.  But you know what?  She moved a whole lot better than I did!  She was such a trooper and amazed me by doing exactly what I asked her to do.  And easily.   Don’t you think it was worth it?   I really love these photos.  2016-10-19_00012016-10-19_00022016-10-19_00042016-10-19_00052016-10-19_00062016-10-19_0007

Baby Landry | Kingsport newborn photographer

This is the third time I’ve been able to photograph this darling family.  I got to photograph big sister’s newborn photos and also did a family Christmas mini for them once.  I was so excited for them when they told me they were expecting again.  We had a lot of fun making sure that there wasn’t anything “too girly” in the photos, yet keeping them soft and feminine.  Landry’s very proud aunt is my daughter’s pre-K teacher, so every now and then I get to see current photos of her and it’s so fun!  She tells me she’s the sweetest baby ever and she is so in love!  2016-10-18_00082016-10-18_00072016-10-18_00062016-10-18_00052016-10-18_00042016-10-18_00032016-10-18_0002

Meet Samantha | Kingsport Senior Photographer

I first met Samantha two years ago as a young girl who had just turned fifteen.  I photographed her sweet family and was so happy when her mom contacted me again about doing Senior portraits.  It is absolutely incredible how much she has grown and matured these last few years.  She is such a beautiful and confident young lady!  She loves being part of the Dobbyns Bennett marching band and is getting excited about applying for college.  Good luck, Samantha!  You have a bright future ahead of you!  2016-10-17_00012016-10-17_00022016-10-17_00032016-10-17_00052016-10-17_00062016-10-17_00072016-10-17_00082016-10-17_00092016-10-17_00102016-10-17_00112016-10-17_00122016-10-17_0013