Rhea’s 9 month photos | Kingsport baby photographer

This baby is so amazingly sweet.  She is so happy and full of life.  She’s the kind of baby that can make a mother want to have another one right away.  Not that I’m announcing anything for her family.  She just reminds me so much of my first baby and how much fun he was and how much I ADORED him.  I mentioned to her mom that it seems like all the babies I have been photographing ever since I became pregnant have been little angels.  I’ve had enough of my own babies to know that not all of them are, but it sure makes me excited to bring another little one into the world.

Her great grandmother made this darling little quilt.  I attempted to make one this time for my baby and it was a lot of work.  This quilt was so much more intricate and beautifully done.  Rhea just barely turned 9 months old and is crawling all over the place and pulling up and standing.  She has a streak of independence in her and was determined to spend our time together picking the clovers.  Which was precious.  Don’t you think she looks so much older than 9 months?  2016-06-06_00052016-06-06_00062016-06-06_00072016-06-06_00082016-06-06_00092016-06-06_0010

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