Lauren turns 4 | Kingsport child photographer

I sure love this little girl.  Mostly because she’s mine, but also because she’s a lot of fun (and, yes, I know I’m totally biased).  I never seem to have the time to photograph my own kids the way I want to.  I have visions of perfectly dressed kids with amazing hair styles.  But that never seems to happen.  In fact, I lost all hope of that when this kid took a pair of scissors and cut several inches of her hair right down to the scalp.  But it kind of looks like bangs now, right?  Photography sessions take a lot of planning and being a pregnant mother of four means that I don’t have a lot of time for that.  Especially when I’m both the mother and the photographer.  So I decided one day, after driving by this spot a few times, to take my daughter there early in the morning after I dropped my older 3 off at school.  I had no idea what to dress her in, but I did like this blue and white striped dress.  So I laid it out.  She woke up earlier that I did that day and dressed herself.  Then her siblings told her it was St. Patrick’s day, so she put on her green pants and her favorite pink Nike’s and decided she needed a sweater, too.  She was so proud of her outfit.  I thought she looked darling and it was a perfect way to represent her little personality.  At the same time, I was glad I didn’t have to coordinate her outfit with anyone else and was grateful that I would be able to crop.

She’s always been a gem, but if you happen to have a 4 year old, you know JUST how much they love sticking their tongues out and making silly faces.  Mine is no exception.  She thinks she’s hilarious.  I think it’s hilarious, so we’re all good.  We just spent maybe 10 minutes there before heading home.  She then told me that she needed photos in our backyard.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from being a photographer the past few years, it’s that when my kids  are willing to be photographed, you go for it.  So we trekked up the hill in my backyard and got photos in front of our pretty yellow bush.  She was so excited to find all the blossoms and give them to me.  Last year her birthday photos were also in the backyard, but there was snow everywhere!  What a blessing this sweet girl is.  2016-03-23_00022016-03-23_00032016-03-23_00042016-03-23_00052016-03-23_00062016-03-23_00072016-03-23_00082016-03-23_00092016-03-23_00102016-03-23_00112016-03-23_00122016-03-23_00132016-03-23_00142016-03-23_0015

One Comment on “Lauren turns 4 | Kingsport child photographer

  1. Hi Jennie the pictures of Lauren are just adorable. Is it possible for you to send some, especially the one that is a close up of her and the flowers are blurry in the background. I would like to print a 5 X 7 of that one

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