The Grigsby Family | Kingsport family photographer

Oh, these sweet boys.  I am facebook friends with their mom and OFTEN seen photos of the two of them doing crazy things around the house.  So crazy, in fact, that she was dubbed them “twinjas.”  I’ve got to confess I was really worried about trying to photograph them.  2016-01-27_0069But you know what?  All that worry was for nothing.  Sure, they have a lot of energy and when left unattended for more than 30 seconds can wreak havoc, but they were so sweet.  They almost made it look like mothering twins is easy.  2016-01-27_00722016-01-27_00662016-01-27_00712016-01-27_00732016-01-27_00702016-01-27_0068

They were so full of smiles and so happy.  They even came and gave me a big hug at one point.  They welcomed a baby sister a few months ago and simply adore her.  Aren’t they a darling family?

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