Jensen/Hubmann DC wedding | Kingsport wedding photographer

Kelsey & Corbin were married for time and all eternity in the Washington DC temple.  Kelsey grew up here in Kingsport and Corbin is from South Dakota.  They met while at school in Idaho and knew almost right away that they were meant for each other!  She just gushed about him while describing him to me.  Both of their families traveled a really long way to get to the temple, which can make things a little hectic.  For example, on the way to the temple, ALL the paperwork got locked in the truck of the car.  Which I was actually thankful for because I thought I killed her.  I had been texting her and she said she was on her way, and then I just saw those three little dots and nothing else.

For several minutes.

Had she been texting me while driving?!?  Thankfully, no.  Corbin came and filled me in on what had happened and I was able to breathe again.    Everything was delayed for quite some time, which made the ceremony much more joyful when it was finally able to be performed.   It was a beautiful ceremony (during which photography is not permitted) and I was so glad to be a part of it!  Kelsey’s brothers were unable to attend, so they were able to facetime just after they came out of the temple.  2015-12-23_0013Yellow has been Kelsey’s favorite color for as long as I have known her.  It made for such beautiful wedding colors and looked amazing on her bridesmaids.  2015-12-23_0009We had expected rain on their wedding day, but it ended up being beautifully sunny and we got some great portraits.  They were so romantic and so easy to photograph.


We then opted to take a quick trip to downtown DC and I am SOOO glad they were up for it.  Aren’t these photos amazing?  There was just ONE tree left along the Potomac that still had cherry blossoms.  Kelsey and Corbin were treated almost like celebrities as everyone they passed smiled, waved, and told them congratulations.2015-12-23_0004


The next evening, they celebrated the first of three wedding receptions at the Kingsport Farmer’s Market.  It was a HUGE space and Dandelion Wedding Company did an amazing job transforming it into a beautiful space for a reception.  They had all sorts of darling quotes around and the floral arrangements were so whimsical and fun.


Congratulations Kelsey and Corbin!  Your wedding was so fun!  Thank you for letting me photograph it!


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