The Hanson Gallagher family | Kingsport family photographer

My mom is one of nine kids and my dad is one of seven. I have a HUGE family. But growing up, there was one really special cousin that I always looked forward to playing with when we were growing up. We had so much fun together and I always talked her ear of about the cutest boys in my class and she always giggled politely….

…I recently had to apologize to her for that, because obviously boys aren’t her thing…

But she assured me it was okay because she didn’t know then, either.

We both went our separate ways as teenagers and without social media, it was hard to connect. She went to California and fell in love, got married and had a baby. Now her wife is expecting a baby boy in early 2016. When my mom planned a family reunion, she asked me if I would photograph her family! Of course I said, YES! But I did let her know that I was a little worried because I have never photographed a same-sex couple before. She told me that it was fine and to just treat them like any other family. So I did. And it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I ended up chatting her ear off again and asking all sorts of questions that were probably way too personal considering it had been at least a decade since we saw each other last. But, you know what? When I got in the car, my first thought was, “What a lucky little girl.” She has two mothers who love each other deeply and absolutely adore her.







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