The Reid Family | Kingsport maternity photographer

Most of my clients are either friends or referrals from other clients. Just over a year ago, I got a call to do a newborn session for someone that had just moved here and didn’t know anybody that I know. After being a little nosy, I found out that her dermatologist had recommended me to her (along with several other photographers). Several months later, I struck up a conversation with another mom at the Kingsport Public Library storytime. After speaking for a little while, she told me she’s a dermatologist. Not just any dermatologist, but THE dermatologist. I had photographed the baby of one of her friends and she liked my work. We became friends and are even in a book club together now. So fun. Her little baby is due in THREE days and they’re not finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. Personally, I can’t handle surprises, so I admire anyone who can stand the suspense! This maternity session ended up being more of a family session, but there are some really sweet ones in here!

2015-08-25_0031 2015-08-25_0030 2015-08-25_0029 2015-08-25_0028 2015-08-25_00272015-08-25_0035 2015-08-25_0034 2015-08-25_0033

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