My Pinterest Fail | Kingsport child photographer

I have a slight addiction to Pinterest.  I have recently decided that it is perfect for everything except photography. During Snowmageddon of 2015, I got a wild hair and decided to try to recreate a photo I had seen of 3 sisters on Pinterest.  The girls in the photo looked so peaceful and so serene.  It was beautiful.  Photographing my own kids is hard because I am wrangling and doing the technical stuff, too.  On top of that, only one of my kids enjoys being photographed.  People often tell me how amazing it is that I get such “great” shots of my kids all looking at the camera and smiling.  The truth is, they are rarely all looking at the camera.

I’m going to tell you my big secret to getting great photos of your kids.  Have ZERO expectations.  My kids each have their own little personalities and interact differently than the girls in that pinterest photo.  Why should I try to make my children look like kids they are not?  I quickly realized that I was not going to get my “Pinterest recreation” and  this would be just a quick practice shoot .  I decided to focus on the posing.  Because I was more concerned about the posing than the styling, I just pulled back their gnarled hair into a ponytail and let them keep the same clothes on that they’d been wearing for 3 days straight (we were snowed in for nearly three weeks).  I decided that what I really wanted was to capture their little faces and how similar they look.   Would I have liked that “perfect” Pinterest photo?  Sure.  Was this a “Pinterest fail?”  Absolutely not.  What I ended up getting was so much better.  I included the “outtakes” so you can see that photos like this don’t just happen.  When we let go of our Pinterest ideals, we can end up creating photos that are truly magical.



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