Baby Max | Kingsport newborn photographer

A week or two before this little guy was born, his mom told me that she had made the mistake of looking at Christmas newborn photos on pinterest.  He wasn’t due until the 5th of January, but when she went into labor on the 23rd of December, she was thrilled that she would get her Christmas photos!  They are huge UT fans.  They have a large photo of Neyland Stadium in their basement that covers almost the entire wall.  When I did his sister’s newborn photos, we used an orange tutu and their favorite UT throw.   Almost as soon as they found out they were having a boy, they began working on his room….with the UT football field painted on his wall.  His first Christmas gift was this little Payton Manning doll.  His mobile plays “Rocky Top” (which, of course, was purchased for their first child and has been passed down to all three of their children).  So, naturally, we decided to do his newborn session at their home.  Aren’t they fun?  We had to do the session at their house so we could use their Christmas tree and decor, so the light wasn’t quite the same as my home studio.  While we were at it, we snagged a few photos of the girls. My favorite is the one of them belting rocky top from memory with their dad.

Make sure to check out their dad’s artwork at   He’s work is one of a kind!


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