Lauren goes shopping | Kingsport lifestyle photographer

I am not a purist when it comes to lifestyle photography. But when it comes to my own children, it’s what I crave. My oldest child will be ten in just a few weeks and I’m kind of having a panic attack.

I’ve been a mother for a decade.

When I first started this adventure, I had no idea how quickly the years would pass and I feel like they’re slipping through my fingers. I had so many great plans for motherhood! Little did I know that many of those years would be spent in a sleepy haze. I learned that I don’t recover well from childbirth and after having FOUR children…I was just too tired to really treasure all of those little moments.

This is my youngest. She’s the only one home with me now and asks to go to Kroger every day. One day while doing our grocery shopping, I kept framing images in my head that I knew would make GREAT photographs! I keep having flashbacks of my oldest child when he was this age and I wish I would have documented it. So, after deciding that I wanted to do a photo shoot with her at the store, I simply had to wait until she wanted to go again. The photo shoot only lasted about 5 minutes, though, as I quickly realized that balancing a grocery cart, a two-year-old, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was a little more difficult than I anticipated. I need to go back again with an assistant!

If you are interested in lifestyle photography, send me a message through the “contact me” link above! There are so many fun themes we could explore! Things that seem so mundane now will mean so much more to you in the future. These are not necessarily photographs you will want to blow up into big canvases, these are the ones you want to put together in an album to tell a story….and what a story they tell!

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