Baby Lucas | Kingsport Newborn Photographer

One of the perks of doing newborn photos for people you know is being able to see their pregnancy lived out on facebook. Let’s just say that this little guy has been GREATLY anticipated. His grandmother posted multiple updates about his entrance into the world (she was obviously tickled about her first grandchild). And he’s even had his own hashtag for quite a while. And he did not disappoint. He’s DARLING. His parents were so sweet and so proud and so in love with him! Yup, I love hanging out with new parents!

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25 Comments on “Baby Lucas | Kingsport Newborn Photographer

  1. He is so delicious!!! What a sweet sweet little boy! Love the pictures Jennie!!

  2. I love the baby pictures for sure! But the family pictures are absolutely my favorite! Great job.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Especially the ones that show how much love these two have for each other and their baby boy! Love, love, love!!

  4. These pictures definitely do his cuteness justice. I like the one where Brian is sniffing Courtney’s forehead. There’s a lot of emotion going on there.

    • hahahahaha oh my gosh Nick lol I also like how everyone has just their name and your over here with the full ya’ll title.

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