Debry Family | Kingsport Family Photographer

Oh, how we’ve missed this family! When we first met, they had four children and I had just given birth to my first child. Ten years later, we added 8 more children between us! Our kids spent many hours together and we were all kind of devastated when they moved to Utah. But, as fate would have it, they moved about ten minutes from my sister’s house and we were able to meet up for about an hour for a photo session. (Oddly enough, the father’s sister lives just a few minutes from my OTHER sister in OREGON). I brought the whole family with me and the kids played together as if they’d never been apart. It was wonderful, but too short…

We were all pretty concerned about everyone being miserable. It had been one HUNDRED degrees or more the entire week and the only time we could get together was at about 5:30. The sun was blazing and I had left some important camera gear in Tennessee. So we agreed to make it quick. The kids were amazingly well behaved (as always), so we got the formal posed photos out of the way and then got some fun ones. These are just a few of my favorites!

One Comment on “Debry Family | Kingsport Family Photographer

  1. I am David’s sister Athena (the one who lives by Heather in Oregon). These pictures turned out great! And I love Heather too! Thanks for taking great pictures of a wonderful family 🙂

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